2016 Half Marathon

Enjoy beautiful Tucson winter weather with temperatures at the start averaging in the high 30s (F) and reaching 65-70F by 11 a.m. This is a very scenic, mostly downhill, half marathon course in northern Tucson. Due to safety requirements, there will once again be a ‘wave’ start for the 2016 Damascus Bakeries Half Marathon.  (Participants will receive both a “chip time” and “gun time” after finishing the event. Anyone attempting to win the Tucson Half-Marathon should opt for the first corral as winners times will be based on “gun time” only.)  Runners will be released in groups of 200 approximately every 2 minutes.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation on race morning!


No race day registration or packet pick-up available. Wheelchairs are allowed, however, Baby Joggers/Strollers are not allowed on the course.  The Half Marathon course closes at 1:30 p.m.  Course cut offs will be enforced and are posted below.