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Tucson Marathon 50th Running!

And a belated birthday wish to the great state 48! #AZ

We would like to recognize and celebrate the upcoming 50th running of what the locals know today as the Holualoa Tucson Marathon. On December 4th we will acknowledge the 50th running of the Tucson Marathon with commemorative swag and with the help of others a history timeline to be on display at our December 3rd expo.

The very first Tucson marathon was held February 15, 1969. The race started at City Hall, went east to Randolph Park, then circled back to San Xavier Mission and back to City Hall.

The race was called the Arizona Admittance Day Marathon. The chairman was Carl Brunenkant and the president of the Marathon was Joe Soble.

The winner was Ron Hall, a Sunnyside High grad, in 2:41.46. Approximately 170 runners started and 112 finished. (No women’s results were recorded)

Acknowledgments to Steven Finkelstein Arizona/USATF Long Distance Running Recordkeeper and Greg Hansen Arizona Daily Star

The following link has the past 49 winners and course information

Fast Facts:
– First Female Lauri Snider (AZ/USA) 1974 won again 1975
– Fastest Male 2:13:56 Ed Mendoza (AZ/USA)
– Fastest Female 2:41:36 Heather Utrala (CO/USA)
– Most overall victories female (3) Margie Lopez (AZ/USA)
– Most overall victories male (6) Soro Bassarima (CIV)
– No race was held 1986-1987 or 1994
– 2 races were held in January and December 1995

Acknowledgments to Andy Milroy (NRDC), Steven Finkelstein Arizona/USATF Long Distance Running Recordkeeper, and the late Ultra Legend Ken Young.

We hope to find fun facts throughout the year to share with our readers. If you were a part of the history and have old memorable or stories to share please send me an email.